Introducing the Edco Enduro Cotton Mop Head 400G in red, the ultimate mop for your cleaning needs! Crafted with over 80 years of experience, Edco has perfected the art of yarn manufacturing and quality standards. The Enduro range offers superior performance, with its blend of fibres ensuring excellent pick-up and particle hold, combined with high water absorbency and a longer yarn life span.

Choose from our straight drop traditional mop style or our highly efficient round loop mop, both available in a color-coded range for your convenience. The Edco Enduro Mop range sets the benchmark in mop yarn development, so you can rest assured that your cleaning routine is in good hands. Get your hands on the best mop head on the market and take your cleaning to the next level!

*Key Features…
• Superior selected yarns combine to give high absorbency cleaning performance
• Highly durable yarn for frequent use and long life
• Suitable for all heavy duty mopping jobs
• Weight: 400g


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