Gumption® Multi-Purpose Cleanser is a mild abrasive paste cleaner that lifts and removes ingrained stains and stubborn grime ordinary cleaners can miss.

Proudly Australian made since 1947 and microbead free, Gumption® is easy to use and highly effective on the toughest grease & grime, leaving behind an incredible shine and a fresh lemon scent you will love. Plus, it’s great value as a little bit of Gumption® goes a long way!

Removes the toughest grease & grime.
Delivers an amazing shine to stainless steel sinks & tapware!
Fresh Lemon Scent.
Microplastic/Microbead free.
Packaging is recyclable.

Suitable For:

Baths, basins, tiles, stainless steel sinks, laminate benchtops, vinyl floors, fiberglass, hard plastics, and other similar surfaces. Do not use on stainless steel appliances or other delicate surfaces where scratching may occur.


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